CorpSana traces a holistic, modular and execution based approach focusing on strategic corporate development, separated into two fields


  • Development, review and adjustment of your corporate strategy
  • Analysis of specific situations or given rentability, delivering proposals of optimizations
  • Support of execution according decided alterations
  • Accompaniment of company’s succession
  • M&A
  • Crisis intervention and restructuring
  • Equity and stock financing
  • Check up of the management effectiveness and exposure of energy balance
  • Political advisory
  • Temporary membership in management or sounding boards
  • Establishment and execution of management tutorials

Operations and execution

  • Reorganizations and readjustments
  • Appraisals of organizational effectiveness and performance, delivering concrete solution propositions
  • Development and implementation of management cockpits and management systems
  • Development and implementation of risk management- and compliance systems
  • Business Process Management, continues improvement process and automated process analysis
  • Re-/structuring and review of corporate finance and group controlling
  • Project management, multi project management (Establishment, support, review, adaptations)
  • Project restoration
  • Business development in terms of new corporate fields
  • Training along concluded changes and change management
  • Patronage or support of startup-companies or new established organizations
  • Managerial brain or body leasing and task force management
  • Innovation impulse programs

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