Our stylized gentian, the Floris Corpsanae, emblemizes the symbolic features of an organization or company, appear important to us

  • Every organization is constantly changing
  • it is filled with life and is irradiating to its environment
  • appropriate nurturing assists the unfolding of the plant 
  • transparency symbolizes the vulnerability of every organizational unit
  • the leaf in the shape of a heart addresses the heartbeat in a company, biased on the behaviour of the top management
  • The base line points out the necessity of the fundamentals and values of an organization, anchored in vision, mission and structures
  • finally, the pistil symbolizes the importance of accurate internal and external communication
  • as a flower, each and every organization is embedded in a specific environment, what influences the prosperity of the unit. Corresponding adaption is programmized in the botanic world to protect viability of the flower

Our holistic view of corporate development has been realized for our corporate and web design by designer Joël Roth, www.scholio.ch.

Zukunft gestalten!

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